Citizens, Grow Cabbage and Stay Calm

cabbageQuestion: I do not understand what crisis you are talking about. For example, in Detroit, after the factories closed down and ceased to make cars, people started growing cabbage and vegetables in urban areas. They are accustomed to the new conditions. So where is the a crisis?

What you are seeing is apparent calm. This is because Obama has just come to power and cannot afford to spoil his image. All this is done through agreements with banks and other systems. They suppress the appearance of crisis by artificial measures. Wait a little longer and we will see what the crisis truly brings.

What do you mean, people used to grow vegetables? It is widely reported that even the president’s wife grows vegetables in front of the White House. It is all made to look very good and we see through tricky advertisements, that, supposedly, all must return to the earth. On the other hand, they cannot do anything with the crisis in order to stop it. All they can do is temporarily obscure it.

They print more money and thus accumulate more debt. This cannot continue. In fact, we have not yet entered into crisis. All that came before is not yet a crisis. While all of these bubbles, built by financiers, inflate more and more, the real crisis is yet to come.

The only thing they can do is to try to control the crisis so it will not hit us suddenly by a terrible blow, so that it does not lead to wars and mass destruction, and so it developes by gradually pushing us below the standard of living, lower and lower People get used to everything. They can become accustomed to working once a week and receiving a quarter of their salary. They don’t want to fall under a single blow, but the gradual sliding continues. They think about it now, but not about how to avoid it. After all, it is clear that all measures that are taken today are like a feast during a plague and all this will need to get paid for later on.

Technically speaking, companies do not produce and layoffs are ongoing. Everything is rolling downhill. There remains only the external picture of well-being, as if in some kind of showcase or museum exhibit, which still is shiny and even gets more attractive. But inside everything is rotten. People do not get to eat what they produce. Everything is kept in place by rising debts.

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