Money For Money

moneyQuestion: What does it mean to use money for the sake of money?

People who live for money, use money for the sake of money. They don’t seem to need anything else.

Suppose I want to buy a yacht and enjoy it – to sail off far, far away, in the heart of the sea. For me, it’s a pleasure – to sail past the Caribbean islands, leaving the whole world behind. I think and dream about it.

Therefore, I work hard – not for money but for the sake of the yacht, or even not for its own sake, but for the sake of the pleasure I will get from the yacht. I imagine how I will dive from the yacht into the sea as I see dolphins jumping out of the water next to me. This picture is before my eyes.

There are also people who work for money – just to add zeros to their account. Every day I want to get a printout from the bank and see that the amount has grown even more than yesterday, and the more it grows, the more pleasure I get from it. I look at the figures – and that fills me. I need nothing else. I see nothing represented by that money – no restaurants, no trips – only numbers in a bank account. Money brings me a pleasure. This is called “for the sake of money.”

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