I Don’t Wanna Live Like My Mother, I Don’t Wanna Let Fear Rule My Life

In order to avoid having to fear for our children, to hear something like “I don’t wanna live like my mother”, we must give them the correct upbringing, and this should begin at 6 years of age rather than 16. Look at your kids, who study spirituality. Look at how they react to all those fashionable trivialities and how they are protected from all these problems, which are small to them. A person first asks the question about the meaning of life at 6 or 7 years of age. If we do not give him an answer then he begins to look for it everywhere, including in drugs. He automatically follows his peers, thinking that they know what is right, and he becomes influenced by his environment. On the other hand, if we create a clear understanding about the world in him in order to reach this goal, then we will give his egoism the opportunity to develop and to become fulfilled. Then things such as drugs will not concern him.

There are many sad stories when, God forbid, some mothers really gives reasons to their children to say: “I don’t wanna live like my mother”.  Needless to say, such women don’t live in faraway lands, unfortunately. What would you do if such mother is the girl next door? Being a parent doesn’t mean to buy new shoes when old ones ripped apart. There is something really bigger and there is no manual like “How to raise a healthy and stalwart kid”. There  is no way to find it out after making some rude mistakes in your life, wishing all the time; “If I only knew it happens this way”.  Sometimes, raising a child feels like walking across the minefield. It’s just too dangerous, but yo have no choice, honestly. Run, parent, run.


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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Live Like My Mother, I Don’t Wanna Let Fear Rule My Life

  1. i dont want to be like my mom. she really hates me but loves my sister. she tries to blame me for anything. she love to stress me out and make me feel bad about myself and everything i do. i want to be a mother but i dont want the years of living with my mother affect the way i treat my children.

  2. Steph, “i want to be a mother but i don’t want the years of living with my mother affect the way i treat my children.” It won’t effect you if you don’t let it. It’s because of your mom that you will have the foundation to be a great parent. You just have to keep these memories of your mothers neglect and Torture. Keep working to excel, and never let anyone crush your hopes and dreams. Then one day you will look back and see that you were truly deserving to have a family and you will be very happy parent.

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