In the Beginning – Everyone Achieves Equality, Later – According to Their Nature

equalityQuestion: How can the masses get educated?

They should be taught that it’s necessary to be kind to each other, or else the world has no chance to survive. That’s it – no more information is needed. Everyone should get an explanation in accordance with his perceived level of selfishness. To the extent that he is able to understand that by rejection of egoism he gets a better life, accordingly, the awareness system has its impact on him. Then he will understand and accept it.
Man cannot be attracted to the remedy by goals which he doesn’t perceive. He must be told that he will get everything and feel good. He will work, have pensions, safety, welfare, everything which man seeks in this world – food, sex, family, money, respect, fame, knowledge – all that he comprehends as necessary, he will receive! But, let’s say, in a balanced, good form, together with everyone. No one will try to steal it, to deprive another of anything, to deceive. Everyone will get the same share, because we are linked into a single system and should get along together.

All these people are willing to listen, willing to understand that otherwise things would be bad. It’s working on every person’s desire to receive. A person should be involved in the broad connection, to limit himself and accept that if everyone has normal vital resources- not only bread and water, but an apartment, a family, insurance, pension, vacation – it is good enough. In this case, we are talking about correction. Correction is not that people limit their desire to receive. No. Correction is that they take into account the needs of all and thus begin to merge among themselves.

Therefore, no matter what level of living is required, be it a castle or an apartment, it is important that we take into account the others, wishing that all possess the same as me. Then we can move on to the next level, where everyone possesses not an equal share but according to his inherent characteristics. Let’s assume that he needs 5 lb, and I need only 2 lb, because his inherent characteristics require 5 lb, and mine – 2 lb. That is, we are already beginning to be linked together in accordance with everyone’s nature. Incorporating everyone’s nature is the highest power of giving. Thus, humanity will begin gradually to get along at the internal level. The main thing is that this will be the general direction towards unity.

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