Are We To Blame For The Greenhouse Effect?

greenhouseQuestion: So the greenhouse effect is caused by human activity?

So you think that it is caused by human activity? Say I hit on the table and the light suddenly turns off. You say: “Hey, he knows how to knock, and knocks so hard that light goes out!” That is to say, there are events that we started and the phenomenon that, at the same time, occur in nature. You keep them in mind and say that there is a special correlation between them. However, that connection isn’t discovered by science. Therefore, I do not know whether the greenhouse effect is caused by man. Some studies say “yes”, others – “not”.

If all these studies «for» and «against» were not conducted by a selfish person, who was even unconsciously seeking benefits such as the Nobel Prize, funding for future research, glory, fame or just self-esteem – then we would see a completely different picture than that which we are currently being shown. According to what I understand, the Earth has a supernatural force, as does the whole of nature. It can correct itself, absorb all the plastic with which we have covered it, and in order to recover itself, it can make corrections without the dramatic events, which, as we are told, should happen soon. Everything depends on how we act at the level of our intentions.

Is it difficult to explain? Yes. But if the child has been told that he must learn and is spanked when he doesn’t learn, what is the link between spanking (pain in the place where it was originated and the idea that he must use his head – the opposite place of the slapped part of his body ) and the child’s learning? It seems that there is no connection, but it works! Therefore we will get some spanking from behind and engage our mind into moving forward – nature operates in that way. Let us hope that we will be able to participate in this process, so that the strikes would be not too painful, and they would rapidly move from the receiving them rear part into the head.

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