The Whole World Is A Broken Vessel

worldQuestion: What can an average Joe do to accelerate the advancement of society towards a remedy?

We all abide in the broken spiritual vessel, thus everyone has the same environment. Perhaps this is not noticeable but in fact the entire world is one broken vessel, and this is obvious. Not for all and not all at once, but this realization is beginning to emerge, and  no one can remain on the sidelines.  Every person – even without a point in the heart – feels the friction and has some reason to see the world correctly bound, amended: to get  the banks operating properly, to have full employment, to be healthy – behind every reason one finds spirituality hiding itself.

Today anyone in the world, getting the correct explanation, would agree that if the world would be united in a positive manner, then a person would have a good life.  In other words, we need to communicate at a spiritual level (because the body is only the outer cover) to achieve this remedy. That is why in the world today there is no man who would be released or from whom there would be no reason to engage in this process. Start talking to people anywhere in the world – all have heard about the crisis, all in some way feel it. If it does not hit them personally, they still share common concerns.

Today, therefore, there is no question about a man being lost in the world – everyone finds themselves in similar conditions.  There are private distinctions for those who are apart from the general sense of crisis and who have felt it internally: in the connection between souls, in the absence of internal bestowal rather than material benefits, above the selfish nature of man.  And yet humanity does not think about it, even though it is on the verge of understanding that egoism must be corrected, by more use of the positive force of every human being. This is the same direction.

There are no big changes in the world- just the fundamental understanding that, prior to the crisis, the human progress and spiritual development went in opposite directions. The world has sought to maximize the selfishness, whereas individuals with a point in the heart – kabbalists – rose above the selfishness and used their desires for bestowal. Today, both processes go in the same direction, because the whole world is beginning to realize that selfishness is evil and must be somehow corrected.

Of course, they think about correcting according to their -level, but this is not important. The main thing is that everyone is progressing in the same direction. The earlier directions were different, with some being for egoism and others being against it. Today- all groups are against egoism. They say that if we do not suppress egoism, do not find an effective regulator, the results will be bad for society. Everyone is searching for the regulator, some look for a material regulator, and others are trying to attain the higher regulator.

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