Your Spiritual Path Is Guarded By Sense of Humor

tracks There are invisible pipes which unite our minds. However, some pipes are already clogged up, in others urine runs freely.

Imagine you can get rid of your egoism. Would you became lost in this egoistic world? Definitely.

Like a child mimics parent’s behavior, we follow society’s mostly idiotic rules. Do we have a choice whom to follow?

You got legs and hands to run and grab desirable things. Others body parts are optional.

There is something wrong with your vision. You don’t see the kindness of the Creator.

What a common thing which unite philosophers, physicists, humanists, scientists, and sociologists nowadays?They become clueless about crisis.

I see dead people. Egoists are everywhere.

There is no toilet paper enough to clean human brain waste

Peace of mind could be reached after long war against egoism.

They tease a righteous man by showing money and increasing its amount. In the end, the righteous one steals millions. What is your limit?

How would you know that your life is real? Could you prove that you aren’t a black box with plugged cables?

A scientist admits that he doesn’t have a crystal ball. How pathetic. Science got no balls. That’s why Mother Nature turns into a whore.