This World Seems To Be Less Dreadful With One Eye Closed

eye Your surrounding shapes you up. would you become a good, say, plumber in the crowd of plumbers? Get a monkey wrench and check it out.

Are you crying loud enough to take Creator’s attention? There are certain things which Creator doesn’t want to listen.

Are your faithful? Let me measure your faith.

Do aliens have the same God as we do? I am talking not about illegal aliens but rather real ones.

They say that you talk too much. It’s okay. Just don’t listen too much to anyone because sanity dies in the crowd.

Losing weigh could cause losing the whole body. That’s useful while entering spirituality.

There is no need to control yourself. Be free as a bird. Hit a road as a car. Egoism literally drives you. it’s your boss as well as mine.

And the fun is that ego was employed by God and Co. In other words, ego got its department under Creator’s management. It’s all His plan.

Why do you blame puppets around you? Blame the puppeteer.