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This Generation Has Two Problems. It’s Lost Generation. It’s Last Generation.

lost generation

Ironically, any lost generation is made of bunch of losers.

Experiencing spiritual downfall actually means the next step of your improvement.

Sorry, love is sold out. Fear is still available.

No matter how many times the Lord kept saying: “let’s be light”, the battery remained low.

I enjoy everything I have. I also enjoy that you don’t have something. It’s even sweeter.

Don’t you think that’s rather suspicious that a person was born, lives for many years and then rapidly dies. Where is he taken so fast?

The black hole of egoism: everything goes in, nothing goes out.

The famous kid said:” I see dead people”. Regarding spirituality, we are all dead, or just to make it less offensive, not even born yet.

Look. You take care of your body daily but it’s a sack of bones and eventually gets buried. Take care of your immortal soul. Today.

Just like anything else, your ego needs to get developed. Transform it into hate. Start with hating others. It’s easier. So get a group.

Only in our weird society money could claim: In God we trust.

Consider anything not related to spiritual advancement as a dope for your brain.

It seems that the Creator loves us using the sum of all fears.

Here I am. Somewhere between good and evil.

The point in the heard acts as your spiritual gene. You don’t know where it comes from.

Don’t cry that going gets rough. Obstacles are set for your development and never exceed your limits. It won’t break you. You are unbreakable.

You can run but you can’t hide from your egoism. The Upper Light will give you some credit and help out otherwise you still live in darkness.

There is a lost generation running to a stiff cliff.

There is your freedom of will: the Internet. Feel free to pick any dirt there or find a site which would lit your way for many years ahead.

There is no law that you must suffer. There is no law that you must be happy either. In the end, your growing egoism won’t accept any law.

There are potholes and speed bumps on the road to perfection.

There must be some reasons that I keep struggling. Obviously one of them is that I imagine that I keep struggling.