Your Freaking Life Ain’t A Hollywood Movie


Are you struggling to get a lasting, real feeling of fulfillment and happiness in your life, having a broad smile like your favorite actor in a movie?

And moreover, have you become disillusioned with the way modern society places all these materialistic goals for you to run toward, which you have absolutely no desire for pursuing in the first place?

Well you’re not alone.

Everybody is playing their role in this day-to-day “I’m trying to feel good!” movie.

And only few have developed the ability to exit this movie and see it for what it really is – a movie.

And we’re not talking about a select few rich, powerful or famous people either. They’re also characters playing their part in this same movie. No. We’re talking about people just like you who came across a golden opportunity, and took it

These people literally discovered the tools, the instruction and the teaching by which they learned how to exit their state as a “character” in this movie, discovered the hidden “actor” that was playing them, and by attaining more and more of what’s behind the scenes, they came to discover the “director” and the original script that literally describes how to discover what is outside of this movie we know as “life,” how to attain it, and how to use it to its fullest.