I Am Just A Black Box Playing Already Recorded Feelings

boxDumplings boiling in the pot, thinking that’s end and not knowing what’s a shiny world above the lid. It’s you and me.

Consider this egoistic world as an island in the ocean of Love. Yet we can’t swim there.

Between us, puppets: let’s turn around and cut each other strings attached.

Atheist is, who is so confident in his faulty senses, not knowing that the Creator just hiding.

I found the meaning of life in hating at least one person at any given time. Usually myself.

All tragic news nowadays leaving the category of being so terrible tragic and entering i-dont-believe-that-shit-is-real category.

You need a group of same-minded people to withstand the pressure of idiotic world.

Trying to change the world? No needs. This world as we know it is imaginary place. It’s just a crooked picture via egoistic senses.

When you start loving spammers you have reached the highest degree of love.

Chekhov squeezed a slave out of him, drop by drop. He wasn’t strong enough for such task so they died together, the slave and his Chekhov.

Can you touch your desire? No. There is spiritual world protecting itself against germs.

Life is just a chain of changing desires. Without new desires you will be still sitting in a cave and writing on the wall with a hammer.

Your egoistic "minus" kills all laws of physics.

The future is bright: this world, as we know it, will disappear.