Between You, Me, And Our Egoism

egoThere is nothing wrong that you are an egoist. Nothing right either.

The most amazing thing about the egoism is that it never becomes weaker, on a contrary, It just keeps growing. Have you seen grown-up ego?

Desire makes a man go round. As well as backward.

Egoism has no natural enemies. With one exception. Bestowal.

There is one thing that’s in abundance yet nobody wants to share it. But enough about egoism.

Imagine this world without fear. How long would it last before turning in a bloody ball?

Change your feeling from being a miserable failure to being a meaningful failure.

What’s common in catching the pleasure and escaping the suffering? Run, baby, run!

It’s a game and you are a robot. You are programmed to get all pleasure and avoid all pain. It’s a solid two-lines program. Duh.