The World in Silence

Music & Lyrics by Serguey Shinder

Verse One:

Feel the wind that is blowing from beneath

See the world how it’s staring at abyss

Is there anyone on Earth who can find

Ways to back off from death and stick to life?

Chorus One:

When our hopes and wrong decisions

Slowly vanish in the mist

Can we survive

And break out of this labyrinth?

Gusts of wind will break the silence

Drops of rain will fall again

We need light to find our way

Through this darkness of dismay

Verse Two:

There is no other way and no other choice

Souls are crying but silence absorbs their voice

Will we push each other to the edge?

Or reach together for life and be saved?

Chorus Two:

When our hopes and wrong decisions

Slowly vanish in the mist

Can we survive

And break out of this labyrinth?

Gusts of wind will break the silence

Drops of rain will fall again

Choose the light and get away

From this darkness of dismay

47 thoughts on “The World in Silence

  1. very nice song .. good musical food for thought .. you guys are doing wonderful thing.. keep it up 🙂

  2. I’m going to listen again.. think I’ll listen this song a few times, hope you won’t mind 🙂

  3. i see what your trying to do but you need alot of work. for one a new singer. your lyrics only scratch the surface of even being somewhat deep.

  4. Right away the vocalist has a shallow voice with little resonance. Deep breathing exercises taught by a voice instructor would be a start.

    The lyrics are very good.

    The music is stiff.

  5. From the depths of Cimmerian and
    despair, I’ve risen to follow the Lord’s divine book of light and powerful prayer!

    “The World in Silence” is a worthy song, reflecting on society and its need for direction. I enjoyed the vocals and music composition. May your album be blessed with success.

  6. Yeah, needs stronger vocals; push more air. That said, it’s pretty wordy and sort of sounds like 80’s power ballad. I don’t know if it still sells. I would push the guitar up in the mix and bury the vocals more. Whatever, good luck.

  7. “Is there anyone on Earth who can find

    Ways to back off from death and stick to life?”

    This is a very deep and important question, guys. I’m glad to see someone in the music biz finally asking the tough questions like this one. I’ve got a few suggestions for who might be able to do the things you want done.

    Roy Orbison.
    Reverend Al Sharpton.
    George Herbert Walker Bush.
    Senator Joseph Lieberman.
    Walker, Texas Ranger.
    The cast of Friends.
    The Dunkin’ Donuts Guy.
    Tony Hawke.
    Amy Grant.
    The A-Team.
    Thomas Jefferson.
    Eli Whitney.
    George Washington Carver.
    Ralph Maccio.
    Joey Buttafucco.
    Mandy Moore.
    John Stamos.
    Stephen Hawking.
    Orville Redenbacher.

    This is just a quick list of some of the world’s best hopes. Hope it helps. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.

  8. Guys not to bad. Im still trying to figure it out. Youve writen a monster power ballad thats prity good. It needs a little better mastering and a human playing drums insted of a beat machine(or use real drums not electric) and the vocals have got to go. The singer has a great voice for a Disney record or movie, but Im not sure this is what your going for. There is just no range there. Over all the song has tons of promise for success, you just need a better singer.

  9. Thank you so much for the song I think this is truly one of the best ,keep them coming ,this song has a lol of heart & soul in it .It sound as tho it come from person experence LOVED IT ..GRET SOUND ,ALL THE WAY THROUGH..KEEP THEM COMING and

  10. It bothers me that all the negative comments are probably coming from people who have never made a buck from music – but are the world’s best at telling others what is bad or good. I’ve been in the music business for 35+ years – you guys have talent. . keep up your dream.

  11. Actually Ray I currently work with the roc and G-Unit with promotions and have had my own songs played on radio in both the Philadelphia and Baltimore markets (both rock and top 40 type stations). I agree they have talent, but need better vox.

  12. You guys are by far the best i’ve heard among all the new music that is out there!!! Your music is like a cross between the soundtrack background of Lord of the Rings, Journey at its best, and your lyrics really blow me away! When i listened to your song, iti sent chills down my spine. Pavel, YOUR voice made for a Disney movie?!? That’s a dumbass thought!! Do you do anything in Russian? I’m Zeljko from Serbia, and I’d love to hear it!! Rock on, Brothers!!!

  13. This sounds like a church song, with an electric guitar added in… I can visualize a crowd of people in church singing this song lol

  14. Good stuff guys…seems you are local to the Seattle area.

    A quality vocalist is a hard thing to find…one without ego, one without apprehensions, yet one who delivers the goods.

    Keep in touch…

  15. Real good stuff guys!
    It’s got a nice immediacy to it; and a deep e-motional content.
    Reminiscent of Brian Adams, in a GOOD way!
    Hey, I think your vocals are pretty darn good, dude. Takes balls to sing that style and plaster it online!
    With the right voice though, the whole thing would be TURBO-CHARGED.
    You ALREADY KNOW this; thus the ad.

    Really like SOMETHING about you guy’s overall vibe. I’m a lead player who switched to singing due to the proliferation of insane technical ability and egos of guitarists.
    Plus, singing alone in the woods is the ultimate gift to oneself!
    Would like to talk further.
    I’m just getting my act together after a break up of band AND girlfriend – MUCH better now!
    So let me know, and I’ll get you the link to hear my offerings.

    Much peace and blessings to you!

    p.s. And keep it up with that style; you GOT something there.
    Something I think is just being BORN, and will grow into a great maturity of art!
    VERY appropriate for this country AND planet right now.


  16. hi,

    i like the production but
    i think the vocals need work
    the phraseing is off…

    lyrics are a little too verbose
    too earnest…
    lighten up a bit

  17. I’m not going to blow sunshine here guys. You obviously have talent. It’s in its raw form now but the potential is there.

    Pavel: Loosen up. You have the voice, but at times you sound like you’re struggling. A voice coach can have you singing in a way you never imagined.

    Serguey: The song has a strong message – a positive message. However, it sounds a little like a church hymn. Start thinking more “Friday Night” and less “Sunday Morning”. Keep the message – change the words.
    You obviously have skills with a guitar. Infuse your music with more guitar. If you want a broader audience, then really begin to explore the possibilities of your instrument. Rip it up!

    Yuri: You too have skills with your instrument. Work closely with Serguey to begin developing a style and sound that allows you to compliment each other. Play and write together as much as possible so that you each begin to play and think on the same wavelength. Remember, you compliment each other, not compete with each other.

    The ingredients are there. Work towards attaining that “Wow” factor and your message will reach a broader audience. There is massive competition in this industry and you have to be innovative in order to set yourselves apart from the rest.

    Most importantly, never give up. Keep the goal in sight, and always, always stay true to the message.

  18. Sometimes the talent and message gets buried by the mechanics and production. What I’m hearing is a good piece of music by talented songwriters and musicians. I’m also hearing what sounds like a very raw scratch track- about one step removed from a songwriting demo. You can let somebody with a room full of electronics pretty it up for you without losing sight of the message. Hire a few more musicians and play out in front of people more and record on your home computer less; get some audience perspective and confidence. Emote. Sweat on stage. Learn to share with your crowd. Pay some dues. And throw away that whiny guitar stomp box and turn the amp up to 11. Play loud.

  19. Instrumental arrangement is impressive and different in comparison to what we have in today’s music, but vocal and lyrics are not.

  20. Some of these mean comments are really funny. I can’t listen to the song at this computer, but I can’t wait to hear it at home.

  21. I didn’t go through all those comments, but noticed some were nice, while others were just plain mean. I didn’t hate it. Although it reminded me of late 70’s rock, maybe even late 60’s, King Crimson comes to mind, sans the vocal and lyrical content. I though it was well done but it lacked dynamics. Extremely compressed, solo’s need to come out and bite you in the ass, and the vocalist has to lash out a little and divert from his safe melodies that after the first time through become a bit boring. By the way this is constructive critasism nothing more. I thought the solo itself was well done, might have added some apegio sweeps in there to liven it up a little but it was nice, and the drums and bass seemed tight as did the rest of it. I am not the singer for you, as it’s a little dated for me, but good luck, and again, I overall liked it.

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