The Newest Song

Him And I

Music & Lyrics by Serguey Shinder

Verse One:

So, can you tell me
What are your dreams?
You fight and you live
To make them fulfilled.

But time after time
Your tries seem futile
When you get your share
The pleasure turns stale

Chorus One:

So what is left for us to do?
We’ve tried it all.
The towns we’ve built,
The bridges and the walls.
But there’s something slipping
Through our hands
The emptiness is growing
And there’s no sense

Verse Two:

And there’s no wonder why
You suddenly see
There’s something beyond
The life that you live

There’s something inside
It’s hidden within
It waits for a time
And place to appear

Chorus Two:
So when the time has finally come
For us to rise
We disembark
To find lost paradise

Let this feeling be
Your guiding star
Just let it grow and dwell
Within your heart


So, am I in control of my own life?
Then why can’t I avoid the falls and someday have to die?

So, is there something else that governs me?
Then why don’t I perceive its actions upon me?

So, is there any plan that makes the world run?
Then why are we so lost among religions, wars and shrines?

But when these contraries converge you learn and feel inside
That everything in Universe was made for us to rise

27 thoughts on “The Newest Song

  1. Serguey we need more human beings like you to get the message out. There will come (hopefully) a time when human beings become more aware of what they are all about and what they are capable of – without any church or goverment commanding them what to do. With your music we can carry the word out and share the truth with others to know. Keep your stride and be gratefull for the wonderfull music that you have created this far. Regards H

  2. Thank you for your heartfelt music and lyrics helping us to unite humanity and Nature

    One body
    One heart
    One soul

  3. Serguey,
    Well done my friend…what a voice you have! This is you singing isn’t it? Truly you have said, “Him and I”…as did The Apostle Paul, who said, “By Him, and through Him and to Him are all things, to Him be Glory, forever.” To which we say…amen…

    What is next from you?

  4. Verne, no it’s not me singing. It’s Pavel. But I hope to sing my next song myself 🙂

  5. Yeah, that reminds me a story:

    Girl #1: Do you smell burning hair?
    Girl #2: Maybe we’re walking too fast.

    Nathan, may be you were thinking too hard and thus were unable to get the song’s message.

  6. I hate to be a bitch, but that was horribly generic, cliche and uninventive. The LAST thing the world needs is more people writing simplistic, overused rock-ish music. I think this song (and most music that’s popular today) can be summed up in two words: emotional manipulation.

  7. What is emotional manipulation? Well, emotional manipulation is a method of using words, body language and behavior for the purposes of provoking a particular reaction or getting a desired response.

    I swear to God, we never manipulated that you label yourself as a bitch, lady.

  8. Thank you for this great music.

    This is music that makes me want to read the lyrics. Genuine, heartfelt, and embracing.

    Your voice, lyrics and mixing techniques make me pause and reflect on what my short time here is all about.

    You are positive and constructive. Thanks for your hard and worthwhile work.


  9. One..thank you for sending this to me today. What an absolute treat. I can’t wait to “hear” it. This new song really hits home for me and my illness. Keep it real.

    With Metta,

  10. What I mean is that what you hope to do to your listeners is have them feel a certain emotion based on their immediate impression of the music. It’s music that doesn’t demand anything of the listener, it doesn’t require the effort that really good music does require. It doesn’t deserve real, attentive listening. All it does is spark an instant, readymade emotion that people are accustomed to feeling when they hear their favorite pop song or see the oh-so-tragic death of their favorite character on whatever tv show is their favorite. It’s not real, deep emotion, it’s just a gut reaction. You take the most easily malleable part of the human psyche and manipulate it with your music to achieve your desired effect.

  11. “What I mean is that what you hope”

    It’s getting more and more funnier. Your imagination has no limit, lady.
    Now you claim that you know what we hope for.

  12. There’s no need to resort to sarcasm, especially when you haven’t even given a second’s consideration to the bulk of what I have said.

  13. Good music. Good arrangement. The Visioneers have done it again.

    The artist seeks not manipulation but inspiration. His work issues from a place in the psyche where no guile may survive. What we have here is art.

    As people encounter inspiration… some are ennobled by the experience… others are challenged. Every challenge evokes a fight-or-flight response: fight for our growth or fly to a fantasy. When one is torn between the between the opposites of this world, he may not know what to do. So he can respond by choosing or he can react by condemning the expression.

    I find “Him And I” to be an inspiring work. It is provocative, yet unobtrusive to me because I have that growth so suggested by my psyche when I hear it; thus my position is only strengthened: I need no defense mechanisms.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  14. thanks a lot people for you comments, both positive and not so positive 🙂

  15. Thank you for letting me know about your recent song. I think it will be a hit. Good luck

  16. well, you can try any of ” translate English to.. ” services. For instance, Babel Fish Translation is fine.

    On the other hand:
    “There is no language barrier anymore, there is no need to understand the lyrics, I can feel the beauty of the music inside me..” 🙂

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