We Found This Message In A Bottle And Threw It Back Into The Sea

message in a bottleThere are some fundamental things that we can recognize. When we see them, life seems good and whole and fulfilling.

I. There are two men on the beach. The first man, with his naked eye looks at the moon – 225,000 miles away. The second man uses the Very Large Telescope (VLT) – by far the most powerful telescope in the world.

The VLT has four mirrors 26 feet across linked by optical fibres. It can see a single human hair from 10 miles away!

These two guys.., this is how they were born. The one guy with regular eyes and the other guy was born with these VLT eyes. When he looks at you, he is looking at your atoms, your quarks, your strings. He sees a lot of stuff that is going on deep inside your physical self. I mean, take your arm and look at it under a microscope at 10X magnification. Cool huh? OK, now, look at 1000X! Awesome. Pffffffffffffffffff. OK, now, look at your arm with the VLT. Ha! Yes, that’s your arm! All of that is in your arm.

You look at him and he’d seem like a normal guy, but he’d look at you and see billions (approx.) of parts moving and functioning.

You know what? You know you know. You know that that is still your arm. And in 6 years when the newest telescope will be 100X the VLT!!!, you will look in your arm and you will see deeper into your arm, your physical arm. For ever, you will go deeper and deeper into your arm, seeing the complex and beautiful design of the machine that is you.

On and on you look. Keep looking. Keep looking, science will continue to progress, keep going.

We will always be able to see deeper. Nature is a dynamic, integrated, functioning whole that is working on the micro levels such as those exposed with VLT vision and on the macro scale as well, like the precision of the planets we witness with our naked eyes.

I’m writing about kabbalah. Someday I will write kabbalah.

There is another tool to see the deep-deep part of the physical world, where it all comes from. It all comes from the Spiritual World. What do you think of when you think of a different world? Literally, like going and visiting a different world? Different culture? Different weather? New foods? Deeper and deeper the material scientists explore and explore they will and are encouraged to do so. Deeper and deeper they will go and they will never get to the spiritual level with the tools of the physical world.

The Spiritual World is existing simultaneously, yet unperceived by me with my eyes and my current senses.

I need a whole new sense to perceive this other place, this other thing, this other life/world that is going on.

Ahhhhh. Hmmmmmm.

Who knows where this sense can be found? How can it be built? I can’t be the only one who is looking to see where everything comes from. What is going on here and what are we doing here? It can’t be that I have to reinvent the wheel!

Who knows? How does he know? Who told him? Did he test it? Did he get results? Can I test what he tested? How do I gauge my results? Where can I read about it? Where can I learn?

How do I feel contentment and fulfillment for once and for all?

With all of the commercials vying for my money and my libido vying for my thoughts, how will I be able to concentrate on this beautiful goal for more than a minute? More than 5 minutes? I have work and children. My wife needs my help too. Where will my support come? Who will help me when it feels like I have to do the work of 10 men?

II. I don’t know what the fitting word is, so let’s call it ‘luck factor’. When your luck factor builds up you get to finally sense that it is all Him. He is moving everything. There is one force that runs inside of all of creation. All of creation. One invisible force that runs all of creation from the most micro to the most macro level. There is one integrated force. The force is doing the force. That is what the force does. It gives all of creation the humph to move. The same algorithm runs in all creation, : how can I get the most benefit for the least effort. And all of creation on all of its levels follows the simple-complex algorithm. Creation is led by a feeling. A feeling a rock has to fall to complete rest. A feeling a sunflower has that it needs to bend and face the south. The feeling 126 birds feel when in an instant they all turn and simultaneously head in a different direction. The feeling that draws the ‘billions and billions served’ to eat an all beef patty with the perfect ratio of fats, sugar & salt.

When the luck factor builds up you can see the program running on all the levels of creation. When you see that, when you see that there is a program running, you know that everything you see is this Nature.

That’s a buggy. To see everything that happens as coming from the balancing force. That no, this jerk over here didn’t just make my life miserable, it was the balancing force operating on me that did that.

It really is a big deal to see that. If you check yourself, I bet you’ll find that when shit happens, it is so easy and natural to think that you made it happen or on the other hand to be mad at a politician for being a total idiot and causing suffering to happen. But when the luck factor builds up, you get to see that one force moves the whole thing.

III. Am I a robot?

You for sure don’t think you are. But would you get up right now for $5 dollars? No, OK, how about $10. No, would $50,000 cash entice you to get up from your seat right now? OK, fine, I found your limit. Just a few thousand more questions, it’ll only take a few hours and I’ll be able to predict a great deal of your behavior.

How can that be? No, it is not so. I can wear whatever I want to wear. I can eat whatever I want to eat.

First of all, you don’t even know of half of the materials that clothes can be made out of that aren’t even on the market. And as far as food goes, there are foods less than 1000 miles from where you live that you would love and you don’t even know about it. You eat what you are given. You have some choices and you pick. Clothes. Easy, you go to Kmart, Wall-mart, Target, who knows, maybe you want some hiking clothes so you go to I. Goldberg’s in Philly. Oh, you wear handmade clothes. So what do you realistically have 10 choices? 50 with the internet? There will be more, but you will choose from what choices are available, but that will be limited by what you will look foolish in. Because in your town, you can’t dress however you want, because people will look at you funny and you’ll feel embarrassed. So, you wear what evokes the feelings you want to evoke. That you want to be no hassle, you just wear the same thing as everyone else. That you want to be noticed, you accessorize or do something a little creative. You go too far and you are ostracized.

Our own predispositions added to what feels OK for us and what our environment will tolerate from us determine almost all of our decisions.

That is hard to get. It is hard for that to sink in. It does, slowly, slowly. Step by step.

In the regular life we live, some people read tabloids and follow the lives of Hollywood stars. Some people follow a TV show like they have a personal stake in the outcome.. Some people are consumed with soccer. Some people are consumed with yoga.

Finally, some are consumed with fulfilling the unquenchable desire.

When I wake up today, what will I let brainwash me? Will it be Mac, to go buy a new laptop? Will it be Flextone, to go buy new guitar amp? Will it be my need for status and comfort to spend my money to redo my kitchen?

Will I search until I find the great goal and the path to it and support along the way?

Me, I’m going to search and search for the great goal, on the wondrous path with special friends. I’m also going to redo my kitchen! 🙂