I Could Be Mean I Could Be Angry You Know I Could Be Just Like You

A ten-year-old child, who is angry with his parents because they do not want to buy him a motorbike, cannot assess his situation correctly. But what can he feel besides insulted? When he grows older he will be able to assess the event correctly. The most important thing is to try to move from accusing the Creator in favor of a higher state.

It has been said that the Creator created the world in order to delight His creatures. But that does not mean that He wants to delight us because we suffered before. The Creator did it without any considerations and regardless of the amount of torment we had suffered. Staying immersed in pain never brought anyone to happiness. Only self-correction brings one to the good. Humanity can go on suffering for thousands of years, but this will never bring any kind of correction; it will only increase man’s desire for correction.


Courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiZccGLcw00