Let’s Take the Night off – this World’s a Mess

According to the law of nature, everyone in nature, in the still, the vegetative and the animate, receives what it needs in order to exist. Everything else beyond the necessary goes to benefit the other, the general system. In the whole of nature it happens automatically, necessarily. None of the animals do anything that is redundant. All of them act out of their own nature. There is no free choice, no surplus; everything is defined, except for man, in which, beyond the state of animate level, there are additional desires.

These luxuries in particular, all of them, man should turn over to the benefit of society: meaning, all of his desires for money, honor, knowledge, everything that comes to a person outside of one’s personal bare necessities, in which one has to live, exist like an animal: without all of the mess we created here in this world, from sweets up to all kinds of other forms of sustenance, etc.


Courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyC6TtxTSQc