Missiles Flying Over Your Head

Never, during its history, has mankind existed without wars, clashes, stand off, and preparations for war, or healing of the wounds following war. That is a fact. The sufferings, tragedies and catastrophes we are going through are only the consequences of our uncorrected qualities, not corrected on time through our own efforts. Terrorist acts and wars, explosions and tragedies will go on unless we begin the internal war with Evil in the spiritual world, while being prepared at the same time for the external war here. This is the internal work to correct our own nature, our ego, and to discover and overcome the Evil inside us.

Today, we should realize that it is pointless to wait for peace; it just will not come. On the contrary, conflicts and military clashes everywhere will escalate. We are able to transfer this war from the level of our world to the spiritual level, to win there, and to see how peace will descend into our world. By no means should we forget that the war on both material and spiritual levels is inevitable and constant until the end of overall correction. By no means should we deceive ourselves into believing that the physical war may be avoided by agreements, concessions, prayers and other actions in our world. This can only be done through the work of correction of our soul.


Courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCLc8cZdhLI