Editor’s Pick: What Are You Living For?

This short and very provocative clip takes breath away.

I am just speechless. It’s very interesting to observe how other people react on that clip. The video penetrates like X-ray, showing what person made of. I picked some comments from the different corners.

“Life is to drink rum and get laid.”

“The purpose to life is a life of purpose.”

“That’s a very unfocused, illdefined and loaded question. Why would you think life has a purpose?”

“i live to life (and to die of course)”

“suicide warning!!! “

Is life’s real purpose hidden somewhere between these lines above? I really doubt 🙂

4 thoughts on “Editor’s Pick: What Are You Living For?

  1. Humans have been introduced onto this planet, which is way down the Ray of Creation, as an experimental, self-developing organism. What are you doing to achieve this purpose?

  2. Well, I can’t hug everyone, eventually I would be shoved or even stabbed in the chest. 🙂
    And why not?
    We are all different. Problems begin when alikeness ends.

    So we keep looking for like-minded people.
    You may consider that we are on the mission.

    See our motto:

  3. life is to make people remember you forever

    There is no point in living for yourself desires and accomplishing them . Its much better to live life in which you help so many people who are in desperate need for that. and most importantly to your parents and well wishers..

    truly thats what life goal must be

  4. Well, any human being is driven by desires.
    Take all desires away and that person becomes kinda vegetable.

    So your particular desire is helping others in need for being well paid off, like you put it, people remember you forever.

    It’s a pure desire for yourself.

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