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Seriously, I Need A Million

million dollars rushQuestion: Why do people with millions of dollars – those that seem to be at peace and have full prosperity, immediately rush for the next million? Why, even subconsciously, do they not think about the meaning of life?

First of all, the question of the meaning of life is not related to the amount of millions one has. It does not have any relation to this. A person can earn very little and reach the point where he raises the question: «Why do I live?».  Another may be earning much more and the question arises in them as well. A third person perhaps has millions, and even he wonders about the meaning of life.

The question is not linked to material prosperity. After all, there are billions of people who are not interested in questioning the meaning of their lives, even though they are in a very precarious situation.  Between these things there is no connection. On the level of our world there is no apparent advantage for a man to open a point in the heart.

Each of us has a purpose in this life. One is born clever, another – stupid. Someone becomes the head of the government, someone will sweep the streets. One is intended to be a politician, the other – a thief, the third – a lawyer, the fourth – the police, etc.  Man does not choose either his profession or his purpose in life or whether he will be rich or poor.

There comes a time when a person, according to his level in the process of development, begins to discover the evil that lies in its normal existence in his life. He begins to understand that  sooner or later he will die, and all those millions for which he spent his life will be just a tribute to a society that imposed its values on him.

After all, if people live in a society where a person is not be considered a man unless his bank account would approximate $ 10 million, then certainly this will affect him, and he will strive to implement a plan to achieve it. If he goes to India, climbs up a mountain and begins meditating, he will not need more than a  cup of rice a day.  So  the environment greatly affects him. But the point in the heart may wake up in one person or another regardless of his circumstances.

It all depends on the function of the overall system of human souls. When it comes time to wake up he starts to rise spiritually, in order to relate to a system of human souls that must be healthy. His financial or social status do not apply to this situation. Of course, everyone lives in his neighborhood, and the view of the environment is a determining one. That is why people are so bound to meet the requirements of their surroundings. This is obvious.

We are influenced by the whole world –  every one of us! And all this is done in order that we may be connected with the world.

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