World Economic Crisis Inside Your Own Family

World Economic CrisisMany economists and analysts in the world feel that the world economic crisis is leading us to a dead end. Some predict a recovery in a year, while others believe that the world has changed so much that the private car will be a luxury item in the European countries, and the growth of poverty in the U.S. will lead to a revolution. What is the right way out of the crisis?

All are wrong and no one knows what will happen, because it all depends on human behavior. The fact is that this crisis reflects the opposite nature of humanity.

We have reached the point that found a link between all people, like in a small village. Economists say: we are connected with each other and are dependent on each other. This came suddenly and with great force, which was not expected. On the other hand, we hate each other, feeling the lack of trust. Now not only economists but also politicians, philosophers and sociologists find the same thing. So we see a definite situation. If someone does not understand it yet, it will soon be clear to all that we are all interdependent, and hate each other.

If it is revealed in an ordinary family, people get divorced. But in such a large “family” that exists on our planet, divorce is impossible, except that, having escaped to the moon or another planet. Nowhere to run! Therefore there is no choice but to live in harmony – very simple. And if we do not reach, we will come to destruction. No way out, and this world economic crisis shows us what a reality we have created. This is not just the world economic crisis – we are already experiencing a crisis in education, culture, and family. Dissatisfaction with life makes people depressed, increasing the use of drugs and terror.