Remembering 9/11

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I hope that 9/11 terrorists found in their paradise that “welcome package” – 72 virgins turned out to be the worst whores. Amen. On the other hand, watching those things globally – suffering pushed us to develop and so we saw a brighter future ahead of us. Now, since egoism has reached its peak and […]

Looking Back At All The Things We Have Done

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The way our desires evolve both defines and designs the entire history of humanity. As humankind’s desires developed, they urged people to study their environment so they could fulfill their wishes. Unlike minerals, plants, and animals, people constantly evolve. For every generation, and for each person, desires grow stronger and stronger. People began to want […]

I Hear Jerusalem Bells Are Ringing

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“I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing” comes through the centuries. The history of Kabbalah goes hand in hand with the history of mankind. It literally goes back to the emergence of the first man, and reaches a state of entering Eretz Israel, the spiritual land of Israel, the so-called World of Atzilut, where mankind resides […]