America Will Live Through the Crisis

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Globalization and technological advances began to reverse the growth of the middle class. The manufacturing base in the United States changed, as good-paying jobs in factories and heavy industries went overseas to lower-paying markets and labor unions lost much of their ability to bargain for high wages and good benefits. Later, white-collar jobs from accounting […]

Pulling A Trigger At WW II Vet Never Been So Easy, At Least For Young Animals

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Philadelphia police have identified two teens in custody, charged as adults in the murder of a World War II veteran last week outside his home. “They demanded money and he ( 87-year-old) just didn’t move quickly enough for them.  And they took that as some type of resisting, or some type of disrespect, and they […]

Spray, Baby, Spray

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For reasons still unknown, bedbugs really seem to like the state of Ohio. The problem is so dire in Cincinnati that some people with infested apartments have resorted to sleeping on the streets. Kabbalistic texts mention that outbreaks are one of the signs of the crisis. However, the crisis is caused by man’s imbalance with […]

A Newborn Goes Shopping

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The latest form of identity theft doesn’t depend on stealing your Social Security number. Now thieves are targeting your kid’s number long before the little one even has a bank account. Hundreds of online businesses are using computers to find dormant Social Security numbers — usually those assigned to children who don’t use them — […]