Living on Sesame Street

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“Sesame Street shows how we’re puppets in this conformist world. I’m going to cut my strings, but when I say strings I mean veins.” Let’s hope that his knife is dull enough and the author would survive. Suicide is one’s reaction to the impossibility of finding fulfillment in our world, because a person senses life […]

Remembering 9/11

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I hope that 9/11 terrorists found in their paradise that “welcome package” – 72 virgins turned out to be the worst whores. Amen. On the other hand, watching those things globally – suffering pushed us to develop and so we saw a brighter future ahead of us. Now, since egoism has reached its peak and […]

America Will Live Through the Crisis

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Globalization and technological advances began to reverse the growth of the middle class. The manufacturing base in the United States changed, as good-paying jobs in factories and heavy industries went overseas to lower-paying markets and labor unions lost much of their ability to bargain for high wages and good benefits. Later, white-collar jobs from accounting […]