Spiritual Rock Band

Two Worlds by Visioneers
Music and Lyrics by Serguey Shinder

Verse One:

Summer sunsets, misty dawns

The forest and the sea

There is always space on Earth

For every grass and tree

See the eagle in the sky

And underneath his wings

There’s a world in endless love

That lives in harmony

First Chorus:

We’re given this world

To love and to share

To find out the meaning of our lives

All nature exists

In giving and peace,

The law of eternal love

Verse Two:

Life is passing day by day

There’s nothing you can seize.

Catch your dream and it will fade

Speak out and words will freeze

Once again this endless race

To chase illusive dreams

Threads of destiny will make

The puzzle pieces fit

Second Chorus:

We’re given this world

To love and to share

To find out the meaning of our lives

Let voice of your heart

Lead you through the dark

To find out the law of life

Third Chorus:

We’re given this world

To love and to share

To find out the meaning of our lives

Let voice of your heart

Lead you through the dark

To find out the law of life

116 thoughts on “Spiritual Rock Band

  1. yes I like it πŸ™‚
    You’ve done good job on it, though it sounds a bit like Scorpions but so what?!
    the most important thing is to follow our dreams ! and You guys seem to do it πŸ™‚


  2. My impressions are humbly noted, as a fellow musician/songwriter/studio guy:
    The writing is solid; as is the musicianship, arrangement and production values (not to mention that Jesus rocks and RULEZ, baby)))
    …can’t wait to hear more…Filk

  3. Bleem Flk – Serguey doesn’t know Jesus, and doesn’t want to know him… but he wants to know or claims to know, “The Law”, “It”,the great universal “truth” above and beyond everything of the universe. Wisdom that has been “hidden for thousands of years”, but now is being revealed, and he is going to bring us all to an understanding of that power thru this music…ask yourself Bleem…what is the “meaning of your life?”…

  4. Well…. I will try to tell you through music what I want to tell, and it is after all up to you guys to decide whether it’s crap or not πŸ™‚ The freedom of will – remember? πŸ™‚

  5. just kidding everybody…don’t freak…I like the music and am greatful someone has the courage to try to move mankind in a positive direction…anything to turn the eyes of men off of ourselves as the center of the universe to a power greater than ourselves, I say is a step in the right direction….

  6. WOW!!!!!! I think the music is wonderful, it is still firmly sitting in my head after listening to the song few times. The words really make you think if you listen to them carefully.
    I LOVE IT!!!! Hope it’s a big hit!!!!!!

  7. super my friend serguey – great idea!this is the most important thing to do – get the world spiritualized – means – really knowing the difference between egoism and altruism!

  8. A good start but as one poster said, the arrangement needs some tweaking because it just didn’t flow in some places.

    Also, the vocals. Your vocalist needs to add some “soul” to the lyrics a.k.a. like a Chris Daughtry or Scott Stapp style.

  9. I look forward to hearing more, the lyrics blend well with the music and give you a feeling of peace. Music should make you feel something and thats exactly what I got from that song. The blend of their voices and the music were perfect and I enjoyed the song very much.

  10. Hats off to you three. Fear will have those argue Love’s work here on the planet. Keep true to the form of Love and each one inside will conquer fear. Deepak touches on it but we must remember Love is first how we live in ourselves and it is true that our “reality” is within us! Fear will have Darryl speak such things like “Humanity cannot know”…All is possible where Love is concerned.

  11. Loved the song, but most of all I love the idea of lettin the voice of your heart out. So many things go unsaid because people are afraid to go against the main stream.

  12. First off someone said the recording quality is crap, that is not true, its a fine demo. Its not major label quality, but gets the song across nicely. There is alot of potential here. The problem is, the lyrics are so vague, that 1 minute into the song, the listener doesnt care what the song is about. I was waiting for the Yngvie Malmsteen guitar solo, but I give you my sincere thanks for not putting one in the song. Dont ever think that chops alone will get you signed to a major. Dont ever think that getting signed to a major is when all your troubles are over. Most of the time, its when they begin. Good luck to guys in your quest for musical success. Get a good manager if you cannot do a good job managing yourselves. Take everyones opinions with a grain of salt, and keep moving forward, and never look back. Try to find a producer that has a good track record, and let him/her get the best out of what you already have. Good luck!!!

  13. You guys have a lot of learning to do before you will make it anywhere with this garbage from the eighties. Why dont you try bringing these lyrics to todays sounds and styles, make it worthwhile to listen to.

  14. I might be 1 in a million, but I believe in good music and good people. You have the talent and the ability to apeal to the masses. You should be able to integrate your style with your message to apeal ANY listener. That is the idea I would give.I give much luv, and my wish that you can reach everyone with music diversity, talent, and originality.

  15. Anyway fellas, to me it seems like you need a producer not a Promoter.Good message, no audiance. Respond if your intrested.

  16. STYX!! That’s what happened to them!!! Just kidding! You guys need a producer and a Green Peace concert or gig but potential is there. Needs work. A Good producer would do good for you.

  17. Nice work — you accomplished a lot together. I appreciate your positive attitude foremost, sense of freedom and good purpose. Keep it up.


    a) minimize diminished chords; gothic and predictable. trade dim chords for jazz chords like Emaj(flat 9th) or C9(flat 5th)
    b) don’t always resolve chords to root chord; like dim to its minor. ie, major 6th is useful.
    c) where is the bass? explore thirds in bass for tension. think hard bringing out melody in bass. some people only listen to bass.

    b) Try double or triple the vocals for a powerful chorus line.

    Guitar work is good. Include chopped grunge chords, as well as clear harmonics.

    Drums are ok, production issues: need to think more about spaciality — nearness and farness: close tight toms, as well as deepened reverbed base drums. Open and close space to support lyrics.

    Lyrics: simplify lyrics, this is not an essay; drain till it’s meat, and add more music for listener to ponder over. double meanings and irony are still very cool to introduce main point.

    Marketing: try indie911.com and myspace.com.

    You are welcome to contact me for ideas, words, music, etc.

  18. HyperVista, thanks for your very detailed comments and offering an option of contacting you. We do really appreciate that. BTW. The new song will be out hopefully in several days time. So, please, stay tuned…

  19. Not bad easy listening music,nice lyrics, although the tune needs more polishing, I hope you make it, but its a rough busness to be in.

  20. Most excellent. Good music, good message. Long life to your band and much prosperity to your effort.

    Keep on making more. You will do more good than you know.

  21. All, thanks for your support!
    I know we’ve promised a new song, and it’s on its way! We need to brush it up a bit soundwise, so, please, stay tuned, it will finally come out soon!

  22. WOW, Guys, absolutely phenomenal…

    Great job; really exceedingly unbelievably great!!

    I would really like to try and get you guys some exposure in the Los Angeles market…

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