Spiritual Rock Band

Two Worlds by Visioneers
Music and Lyrics by Serguey Shinder

Verse One:

Summer sunsets, misty dawns

The forest and the sea

There is always space on Earth

For every grass and tree

See the eagle in the sky

And underneath his wings

There’s a world in endless love

That lives in harmony

First Chorus:

We’re given this world

To love and to share

To find out the meaning of our lives

All nature exists

In giving and peace,

The law of eternal love

Verse Two:

Life is passing day by day

There’s nothing you can seize.

Catch your dream and it will fade

Speak out and words will freeze

Once again this endless race

To chase illusive dreams

Threads of destiny will make

The puzzle pieces fit

Second Chorus:

We’re given this world

To love and to share

To find out the meaning of our lives

Let voice of your heart

Lead you through the dark

To find out the law of life

Third Chorus:

We’re given this world

To love and to share

To find out the meaning of our lives

Let voice of your heart

Lead you through the dark

To find out the law of life

116 thoughts on “Spiritual Rock Band

  1. The world needs your vision more than ever for people to realize that the earth is a gift to share and not to hoard for selfishness, greed, and the urge to use its resources to make war on others.
    Thank you for your wonderful words and music.

  2. Thanks Doug! We really appreciate your comment. Please, stay tuned for our next song that is coming up soon.

  3. didn’t like it at all…cheesy, cheesy, cheesy. The recording quality is crap as well. It seems like you’re trying too hard.

  4. Whoa! The 80,s it’s not boyz. You need a producer to do some weeding out of parts and to do some re-arrangment. I heard a bridge and you did not have one listed as a bridge, but rather a chorus.
    Too much jape on the mix ie: reverb, guitar sounds and style are of yesterday…….I’d give you a B minus for effort, and a D minus for over looking these very important issues. Don’t believe me? Give it to an A&R guy and you will in awarding him with a new frizbee

  5. Joey Bag.., guitar sounds and style are classical.. and classic is out of time
    Don’t read the lyrics but feel deeply

  6. Very 80’s. I like the guitars. The Lyrics are okay if you are playing as background music for a “Save the Earth” documentary or infomercial. I just can’t see this song playing on the radio at all. Keep trying guys, you’ll get it. I kind of agree with Joey, there needs to be a little more professional influence, ie; a good producer.

  7. Guys, thanks to all for your feedbacks either positive or negative! Mike – the lyrics are not “Save the Earth” – look deeper… The world is what you feel, and your reality can be changed…

  8. Angel, thank you so much for your invitation. We will definately consider it. We’ll keep in touch. Visit us periodically for more music.

  9. Serguey,

    Twice I have visited your site, and both times my heart feels your loneliness and longing for wholeness…to be whole is to be Holy and Peter was asked by Jesus it he too was going to leave him and go away when the soldiers came to get him, Peter said “Lord, to whom shall I go, You have the words of eternal life and I have believed and come to know that You are the Holy One of God”

    I too, know him and everytime I say I am leaving, and he says ok, and I leave and come back as empty as ever, He never puts me down, just says follow me and I will make you a fisher of men…and i follow… every step I take, in His direction, I become like him and get to share his wholeness, and when I leave this body and see him face to face, in Spirit and Truth, I will be like him….

    It is the most exciting adventure…come, join me…follow Him. At least take an honest look for yourself…take a look at Jesus and tell me what you see, a man whose life was wasted or a man whose life is free…and, if you’re really honest, i know what you will say…This is the Living Son Of God! Remember me this day…

    love to you…in christ, verne

  10. Verne hi, there are things which are above any religion, beleif or race. There are eternal and precise laws that operate our Universe. Anyone can discover these laws by asking a simple question – what am I living for? And if this question is really important for you then the new reality becomes uncovered step by step…

  11. great song…sounds like Scorpions. Too good to really criticize…but I’d ‘take it down’ somewhere, really low then blast a guitar solo for a crescendo/high…and tingle the spine. good luck

  12. I enjoyed your song. I agree with Doug’s comments above. I appreciate your spiritual approach and its nice to hear songs about sex, violence, etc.

  13. ADDENDUM TO ABOVE COMMENT–I actuall meant that it is nice to NOT hear songs about sex, violence etc. The word NOT makes a bit difference.

  14. I enjoyed the music. But to be honest, the vocals completely killed the song for me. The lyrics were poorly written in my opinion. And the vocal tone and range sound like something Trey Parker and Matt stone threw together. Good luck with everything. And once again, this is just my opinion.

  15. I like the song.

    Vocalist quite good.Reminds me of a young Jack Bruce from the band “Cream”.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. Could have thought of any feedback, BUT “gay” is something we have obviously never thought of… Thanks anyway.

  17. just wondering…..are you a gay pride band? The music certainly sounds like something you’d here at a gay pride festival. not trying to be rude, just wondering and trying to be honest.


  18. well, I could go either way with it. The production is fine, don’t listen to the nay sayers. All the great production in the world won’t make a bad song good, and vice versa. Just listen to the Beatles, mistakes everywhere….who cares? I don’t….I like raw music. As far as the message, too heavy for me. I guess it depends on what you are trying to do. I have played for a long time, in a lot of things. I have played Easter mass at Notre Dame, and pool parties, and on tours, and the biggest stages on the east coast. Again, who cares ? It’s not about ME, it’s about the audience. You are there for the audience, they aren’t there for you. Don’t forget that, or you’re doomed. Regardless, it’s obviously accomplished musically, but I’m not a big fan of the gut wrenching lyrics. Already too many reasons to be sad in this world. Most people have enough questions in life, try to give them an answer for a change.

  19. Not bad. Instrumentation sounds very good, lyrics are quite hackish, and the song itself is somewhat overwraught. But really not bad. Probably just needs more time.

  20. As a professional recording musician guitarist. We all have to start somewhere guys.The song does need some work and its more 80s for sure.Musically I enjoyed it as well as for vocals.I did get lost in the Lyrics but great effort and continue your Dream. Best Wishes

    Rick 53 Fresno CA

  21. Thanks to all.
    I want to tell you guys a bit about the project.
    Well… Let me start.

    The name Visioneers comes from The Vision Engineers. So we’re trying to engineer our future vision:)
    You know, people get born, then go to school, make a carreer, and then give birth to their children… And their children do the same stuff and then die…
    Why? What are we living for?

    You know, there are laws. A law of gravity, for example. Our whole Universe is governed by laws, but there are some laws we haven’t discovered yet. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We just haven’t discovered them. If we knew these laws and we knew how we could make a good use of them, then we would see that the reality would start to change… The reality is what we feel… Then it can be changed…
    So, we do try to offer a solution in our next song! So, stay tuned!
    And again, thanks to all for your comments, we really appreciate them!

  22. Lyrics:
    It is beyond me how your lyrics are actually professing to have a grasp of something well beyond the scope of humanity.
    Reality is not “what you feel”
    That is just wrong.
    Also your pretention in offering a solution on your next song is insanity.
    Humanity cannot know only speculate.
    “We see through the glass darkly”
    Your theories should never have been put forth as fact.
    Perhaps if you put your philosopy out as the mere theory it is instead of a factual statement it may be recieved better by those your tring to reach.
    I thought it a bit arrogant on your behalf.

    The music is played excellently but is dated.
    Update your music and rethink your lyrical concept.
    I do think that you have the spark of some good ideas but they need maturing.
    Thank you for this venue to talk about your song.
    I hope that my critisisms were not recieved to be harsh that was not my intent.

    Thanks for your allowing this format to speak about your song.


  23. Darryl thanks…
    So, you tell me then what is the reality – is that something on the outside or something you perceive by your 5 senses?

  24. The song is good for a first group effort. I’m hoping you guys have something that has more teeth. Clearly you are all gifted musicians and your vocalist has an incredible voice. It did in fact sound a bit like Styx meeds scorpions meets Michael W.Smith. And while that may sound like a compliment, it’s not. Success for a group is defined by their own unique sound, not by facsimilies. Honestly I couldnt tell if this was some attempt at a christian band effort or a greenpeace anthem.

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