Don’t Break Yourself Between Two Worlds

two worldsDon’t break yourself over that! Have your food. Have your sex. Have your vacation. There are two worlds. The spiritual world and the physical world. In the physical world, there is your physical body and your physical body has needs that must be met in order to function. Your laptop needs power. You plug it in or it runs on a battery. Your car needs gas.

Your dogs need food for god’s sake. Food yes, but your dog will be pitiful if he never gets to run outside and play. How does he function in crowds? Around people?

Can your animal be in harmony with its environment, is it functioning comfortably?

You are strong. Oh, you’re a good writer? You can play the guitar just like you’re ringing a bell. You are a unique combination of amino acids and experience, that’s what you are. You have muscles. You don’t. You’re parents were both opera singers, or they ran a deli. Bend the branch and the tree will grow this way. This is the physical body. It’s necessities are neither good nor bad. You must make an effort to realize your talent.

The suffering is the chasm between the two worlds.

To be like everyone else, to work, make a living and while doing so, build a spiritual ladder that bridges the gap between the two worlds.