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Creator Created the World, Not Knowing What Will Happen

creator createdIs it possible that the Creator created the world, not knowing what will happen, like a person who prepares a cake and does not know whether he would make it? He prepared everything ahead, did all the work, but got confused?

This is how philosophers argue. Baal Sulam says that the philosophers believe that the Creator created the world, faced with problems that were not expected, and left this world in peace. He retired from this creation, and it is now there is no control, we are developing on our own, without Him.

That is, there is a higher power that made the world, because it is difficult to imagine that the world was created by itself. We see the cause and effect, a certain order and laws. In all things there is a reason, every reason is a consequence, all of it – one continuous chain. If so, then we will sooner or later reach some of the original root from which everything emanates. Let’s call it the Creator. But where is He? If He created so many great, intelligent and strikingly beautiful things, like our body, social processes, the world and the cosmos, where is He? Philosophers say, “Yes, there was a force created all things. But, seeing the error generated by the hands, the force withdrew from the world and left us.”

Kabbalists say that we do not understand how the world runs because of our damaged senses. So it seems bad. Baal Sulam compares a worldview with feelings of a caterpillar living in radish. The caterpillar believes that the world is bad as this radish. But at a time when it gnaws the radish and pokes the head out, the caterpillar sees a beautiful world of light, sun, air, birds, herbs, etc. and wonders: “I thought that the whole world is dark as hell, and it turns out to be bright.”

So we must go out beyond the “skin” of the world and begin to see described by Kabbalists the big bright world that is outside of us. That’s we exist in this world for, with our own efforts to go beyond this shell. This shell – our selfishness, which makes us imbibe and absorb everything into ourselves. Therefore the whole world appears to us like some small and closed area, and we feel it like a radish.