All the World’s Problems


When the problems started? The researchers of the universe and the forces that conduct humanity have been at it since Mesopotamia, a few thousand years ago (we can deal with details another time, when the bombs aren’t falling). The significant discovery was of perceiving the reality beyond our ordinary perception. The group of scientists who perceived the Outside of the Box, gradually fell from their degree. There the problems started.

We perceive reality through our five senses, however, all we are sensing is our bodies reaction to what is outside of us. For example, there is membrane in our ear that is struck by a wave. We interpret that as sound. We perceive sounds depending on the quality of our ears, their health, training, etc.

We are never sensing what is outside of the box that is us. We are a box with 5 openings (senses) that like curtains allow a portion of the outside to be sensed inside. Of note: The five senses perceive 50,000,000 bits of information per second and use only about fifty bits of information per second.

On our planet, we are progressing through the stages of development from the inanimate to the vegetative, to the animal to the human. Our desire grows from the need for shelter, to the need for wealth then power and knowledge/art. In order to reach to the next level, to reach outside of the box, we first need to recognize the box so that we push off of it. The nature of the box is that it is totally opposite from the force outside of it (creating the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touches). There is unlimited doling out of pleasures and the box spends its life trying to fill itself with the best ones it can to achieve what it deems important.

Acknowledging our state of ‘boxness’ is the start. (I sound like an alcoholic.) The state of the box, the box that is by nature made to receive and as soon as it starts receiving, the pleasure starts diminishing. This happens over and over again in our lives. How much more of these torment can anyone stand?!

The barrier that separates the need to be fulfilled from the fulfillment is what we’ve experienced as 1000s of years of suffering. Our nature is that we will not move unless we can see some benefit we will derive from that movement.

This nature of reception, left to evolve on its own is manifesting itself as all sorts of crisis and ruin. By perceiving outside of our 5 senses, we can experience the evolution of these states in consciousness and in our minds and not in our bodies and on our planet.

The descent is appropriate. It is only through this that we will see how hateful we are towards one another. Today, I’ve been calling this the nature of ‘the box’. To get the best it can, for itself. Only when we expose this to ourselves, and not until then, will we realize why we must connect.

(If gas prices stayed at $1/gallon, you can bet your bottom dollar that alternative fuels cars would have a much harder time getting out there for the public. There just wouldn’t be that incentive. Now if prices go up to $15/gallon, we’ll stand in line all day to get an ‘alternative fuel’ car.)

I’m not talking about using bio-diesel or ethanol though. I’m not talking about what you do. We’ve all got to come to this. How and what aboriginal Australians do with it will will look quite different from the hows and whats of how we do in New York state.

If humanity can be shown another picture of reality, we can all change. It is not necessary for billions of people to take up this banner. Like every other thing humans engage in, a small few do the research and develop and the millions rely on it. Food, for medicine, food distribution, entertainment, etc. In other words, the problems would be solved.