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“Something Is Profoundly Wrong With The Way We Live Today”

Much of what appears ‘natural’ today dates from the 1980s: the obsession with wealth creation, the cult of privatization and the private sector, the growing disparities of rich and poor. And above all, the rhetoric which accompanies these: uncritical admiration for unfettered markets, disdain for the public sector, the delusion of endless growth.

We cannot go on living like this. The little crash of 2008 was a reminder that unregulated capitalism is its own worst enemy: sooner or later it must fall prey to its own excesses and turn again to the state for rescue. But if we do no more than pick up the pieces and carry on as before, we can look forward to greater upheavals in years to come.

According to kabbalists, the financial crisis signifies the beginning of the global crisis in all spheres of human activity: family, education, science, arts, ecology, finances, and so on. This is why it requires a global solution: changing our attitude toward the reason and purpose of our existence from living in order to consume to consuming in order to live, and attaining the highest form of existence.

Our world manifests itself as a single whole. In such a system, all the parts are equal and dependent, and solutions have to be unified, joint, and directed toward the purpose of our world’s creation. The global nature of the world that is being revealed now compels us to become a unified society.

The Global Crisis Is Not Fiction