Who am I?

Who am I and for what purpose do I exist? How did we appear here and where are we going? Is it possible that we have already been in this world before? Can we know ourselves and the universe? Why does man suffer and is it possible to avoid suffering? How can one find peace, satisfaction, and luck? How can we attain tranquility, fulfillment, and happiness?

There are two dates – birth and death, and what occurs between them is unique and, therefore, precious. Or vice versa: life is nothing if after it there is an end, darkness, and precipice? Where is the wise, all-envisioning, logical Nature that creates nothing in vain? Or, do there exist laws and goals still undiscovered? Our studying of the world is in essence merely the studying of the world’s reaction to our actions, which we perceive by our five senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste, or by instruments that increase their range .All that is beyond our studies is not perceived by us at all, it does not exist as far as we are concerned. Moreover, we are unable to miss the lacking senses, the way we do not miss a sixth finger, or the way it is impossible to explain eyesight to one born blind. For this reason, man will never discover hidden forms of nature by the methods at his disposal.

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