Why I Need Somebody New Just Like You

We have no freedom of choice. The choice is only to strengthen ourselves on the way, to build a group that will support the pace. We can keep up with the pace, we can accelerate it. We can do this in one generation, within the 20 or 30 years of active life that we have. But without that means of Kabbalah, without the assistance of the books, it would be virtually impossible, or it would last thousands of years, so why waste millennia? Why make efforts in vain, to just go through reincarnation after reincarnation?

A strong group is a spiritual structure that incorporates each and every one of its members, and if they all come together, it can yield such an aspiration for the evolution of the point in the heart, that a person reaches this spiritual place, meaning the true purpose of one’s life—not just the purpose of creation, all within a few years.


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