Now We See Everything That’s Going Wrong

Today, many people believe that humanity’s progress is approaching a dead end. Our past hopes for a better, happier life through scientific and social progress have been overshadowed by a growing pessimism over what seems to be an impasse. We see that more and more people in the world are unable to find fulfillment. Once, we thought of ourselves as making great leaps forward, believing we were making substantial progress, but now we appear to be facing some kind of a wall. Humanity seems to be plunging into depression, suicide and drugs abound, and people are trying to disengage themselves from the world, and suppress their feelings. Terrorism and a rapid upsurge in natural disasters are symptoms of a global crisis, and all these states are leading humanity to one fundamental question: “What is the meaning of life?”

Many people have already begun searching for the answer to this question. This becomes evident if we consider the vast increase in spiritual seekers over the last twenty years. It is written in The Book of Zohar, that at the end of the twentieth century humanity will start asking about the meaning of life, and that the answer to this question, hidden in the ancient science of Kabbalah, can only be revealed in our time, precisely because of these challenging circumstances.


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