The Whole World Is Just A Freaking Movie And The Creator Is Its Director

freaking movieQuestion: You emphasize the importance of the recognition of evil. How to speed up such awareness for a man who doesn’t have a point in his heart? People don’t get this, they say, “I am serving in the military, pay taxes, I’m a good father, I am polite to the neighbors. What are you talking about? ”

Answer: In that case, there is nothing to discuss. Such a person should be given some brochures explaining what is Kabbalah so he would recall that in the future when his point in a heart will be eventually opened. He won’t forget, and will understand it. Forgetfulness and memory function in accordance with the similarity of properties. Once a person will be ready, he’ll remember – the law of nature works that way.

But if a person doesn’t accept the reality that exists outside of his life, doesn’t feel that there is a force that acts and makes him move, doesn’t  believe that such system is reasonable, he isn’t on the level of “Adam” – a person who is willing to understand that force, the Creator.

Keep in mind that there are people who talk about it in terms of mystery and there are people who bear the question “What is the meaning of my life? ‘. This is more serious, because they demand the entrance into spiritual life.

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