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The Question Is Born By A Spark Of Light

Question: If you get out of exile, or wish to escape from it – it means to wish to rise above our selfishness. Why would people want to do so? A man perceives selfishness as a part of himself. How can he wish to get out of himself?

This is inevitable! Indeed, there is the light brought by the Creator, who created our desires. This light can shine more or less. Through this back and forth motion the new desires are built. However, he does not fill them, but only awakens and increases them. Therefore, from day to day, we keep feeling ourselves all the worse – in all areas of life. That is why we want change it – to feel good in our desire for pleasure. But this does not happen yet.

Then a little spark, a spark of light with the properties of bestowal, comes to us from the Creator. Then from that spark, from that desire, we begin to strive for bestowal. At first we do not understand what we want  and just feel that this is something not from this world. Suddenly, I begin to feel that the receiving has no benefit, that there is no end to it, that makes no sense. I want something different.

Instead of the question “What is the meaning of my life – how can I get pleasure?” I ask myself: “What is the meaning of my life – to whom can I give pleasure?”. This question comes from the point of the heart. So gradually we grow, we come to the  search for the spiritual for ourselves, and then from it – to bestowal.

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